Friday, January 22, 2010

So Sick

I wrote this in the first weeks of the Obama Adminstration. It speaks to this week.

Sick, so sick
Need a doc.
Need a government nipple
Need to nurse.

I deserve hardwood floors.
I deserve health care
So sick, sick, so sick
Need a doc.
Need a job.

I deserve stimulation.
I deserve a stimulus bill
I need my scheduled stimulant pills
I have the chills.
I am so ill
Just pass the bill
Can't afford?
Just pass the bill...

So sick, Need a Doc? YES!

I deserve a Third World nightmare.
I deserve a glass of water.
I deserve to wait in long, miserable lines.
I deserve a wire cage.
Inescapable, unblinking cameras.
I deserve supervision.
I deserve vaccinations.

I am untamed, please bring my leash.
I will press the button.
when it hits you feel no pain

So sick.
So Anglo.
So Saxxon.
I deserve it.

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